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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Feb 8, 2006 7:20am
Forum: democracy_now Subject: Re: Call and Tell Republican contributors that you have had enough of the actions of the Republican Party and you will not take it anymore.

sayz who malone? the new Hitler wants you bowing to the Yeast 5 times a day. Their real fury is the truth of the cartoons of their phoney "Alah" It's been going down for centuries. THEY WANT YOU DEAD OR WORSHIPPING [their version of]ALAH! They don't like ANYTHING about western civilization, they sure hate Bush too and you sound like their useful idiot. I suppose you like Chavez too.
Hey! now go disrupt a funeral and join Mutha Sheehan who had a true hero of a son. How many "innocent" civilians died in Japan in WW2 when we put our fist on the Shinto fundamentalists? aye? And the scum insurgents also hide behind civilians-makes for great propaganda (ooooowwwww! 30,000!!!!) Bush all bad, Saddam good...yeah dummy!
And I'd like Bush more if he had more ballz, a bit of underground Nuclear testing in Iran is fine with me.
An unGratefully Dead insurgent(oh, excuse me, Sheehan say's "freedom fighter")is a good insurgent.
Now put on your headscarf and dirty nightshirt and join 'em.
I suggest Iran, underground- now how 'bout a big hug?